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Our Top Mission…

is to help all children in Essex and bring them a better life.

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Children and Young People

We accept tier 2 referrals from schools, GPs and Social Services. Families can also self refer. Please contact us for a referral form. Our services are as follows:

  • one to one coaching and mentoring
  • family coaching and mentoring
  • consultancy
  • counselling
  • advice and/or signposting


ECD are currently working with schools in the Basildon Borough. This encompasses High Schools in Wickford, High Schools in Basildon, High Schools in Billericay. Primary Schools in Basildon, Primary Schools in Wickford and Primary Schools in Billericay. We will support the School SENCO’s, the School SEN, Learning Mentors and other departments of the school.

We will support the School with children that suffer from Social Emotional Behavioural Difficulties (SEBD) This include those that have ADHD, Autism, ASD or other learning disability. We will also take referrals for children who are at risk of being excluded or other behavioural challenges . At ECD, children and young people are catered for individually, with the understanding that each and every one of them is different and unique and have different levels of understanding and learning techniques.


Parents and Carers

We are aware that raising and caring for troubled children and young people can be demanding and challenging. This may often lead to stress, depression, anxiety and isolation. ECD supports parents and carers by offering the following:

  • support groups
  • one to one coaching and mentoring
  • workshops
  • counselling
  • advice and/or signposting

As a parent do you ever find yourself worrying and asking yourself several questions centred around your children. Here are some of the most asked questions, these were ascertained during a parent survey carried out in July 2014

  • My child is at the risk of being excluded from school, what should l do and what will happen?
  • I am concerned that my child has very low self esteem and does not seem keen or motivated to go to school
  • I am concerned that my child is being bullied.
  • Where is the nearest Parent Support Group?
  • My child has ADHD, where do l find help?
  • My child appears to show aggressive behaviour and l am unsure how to handle them in public and at home.
  • My child has Autism and sometimes l feel he/she is not understood.
  • My children need help, however am unsure if we want anyone to know about our problems.
  • My children are not confident in associating with others, they would rather lock themselves indoors, they seem not to want to integrate. Should l be concerned as a parent ? Is this some form of OCD.

If you have been asking yourself some of these questions or know somebody that has, do not hesitate getting in contact with us.


Mental Health Promotion for Schools

Mental Health and well-being is key to each individual, whether you are a child or a teacher. For a daily functioning sound mind, this definitely needs to be in place. ECD offer packaged workshops for both students and teachers, with the hope of better engagement skills and a fresh relaxed mind.

Schools contribute strongly to risk and resilience factors for mental health, and programmes to promote mental health are among the most effective of school health promotion programmes. A large evidence base has been developed stretching back over many years.

These programmes can mitigate some of the effects of suboptimal parenting. They also support other school health programmes like those aiming to reduce alcohol and drug misuse, which alone can be relatively ineffective. These programmes may also offer parenting support. Universal approaches are important to underpin targeted approaches and are effective in their own right.

There is pervasive evidence linking academic achievement to mental health and well-being, and this can be used as a powerful argument to promote uptake in a service which may not have health as a priority. We will help in strengthening pupil resilience and share the tools to identify pupils who may likely need extra support. Tools and other relevant information can be downloaded from our website.

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