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Project: Seed of Hope

Pitsea Families Activities: SEED OF HOPE

Project: Seed of Hope

A great opportunity for families in Pitsea, both young and old. We are inviting you to explore various activities we believe will thoroughly motivate you to be active and also allow you the opportunity to be out there at no cost.

Saturday 7th February – Music tutoring

Meet us at Pitsea Leisure Centre as we explore music with various music teachers and local artists. You will be encouraged to try a new instrument and you will have brief tutoring sessions.

Saturday 14th February – Talk on healthy living and well being

Valentine’s Day. Join in as we have a talk on healthy living and well being. We will also make use of the Basildon Sports Village Facilities, come and try a new sport and exercise with the help of the professionals.

Saturday 21st February – Trip to Chelmsford

We are out on a trip to Chelmsford and a coach will be picking up all the registered families. Pick-up venue will be advised.

Saturday 28th February – Art and Craft day @ Pitsea Leisure Centre

Art and Craft day @ Pitsea Leisure Centre. Bring your family and explore art, it will be absolutely fantastic.

Booking information

Book for any of the listed events, spaces are limited and are on first come first serve basis.

Text or call 07432115879 or email info@essexcommunitydevelopment.org