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ECD Projects

The Training Academy

ECD offers a range of bespoke courses for the private and public sector. Courses are facilitated by seasoned individuals with many years of experience in training and designing programmes focused on organisational needs.

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Bright Minds

Come and join our lively team as they facilitate a journey to equip you with skills that will take you to the next level in preparation for the competitive job market. Beneficiaries will receive up to 8 learning hours per week split into two days.

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#VOICE: Pitsea Youth Community Action Plan

The young people are the core of the community. They are the emerging entrepreneurs, scientists, proprietors, educationalist, politicians and many more professions not limited to these.

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Seed of Hope

A great opportunity for families in Pitsea, both young and old. We are inviting you to explore various activities we believe will thoroughly motivate you to be active and also allow you the opportunity to be out there at no cost.

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Increasing family stability and resilience that will enable children, young people and parents/carers to function effectively as individuals and as a happy and healthy family unit within their communities through mentoring and coaching.

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Crucial Crew Basildon

Crucial Crew Basildon is an educational programme run by the Basildon Borough Council Community Safety Partnership. This programme comprises of three components Online Safety, Healthy Relationships and Grooming.

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